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  1. Supersonic combustion has been a research topic at ONERA since the s. Supersonic combustion tests in simple configurations were performed between 19at the Palaiseau research center [1]: this research demonstrated the possibility of achieving stable combustion with liquid kerosene and gaseous hydrogen in a Mach= air flow.
  2. combustion. The combustor with cavity is found to enhance mixing and combustion while increasing the pressure loss, compared with the case without cavity. But it is noted that there exists an appropriate length of cavity regarding the combustion efficiency and total pressure loss. Index Terms: Flameholder, k- model, Scramjet and Supersonic.
  3. Emission Control Technology for Stationary Internal Combustion Engines July 1 I. INTRODUCTION Internal combustion (IC) engines are used in a variety of stationary applications ranging from power generation to inert gas production. Both spark ignition and compression ignition engines can be found.
  4. The combustion chamber in a jet engine is solely (Edit: well I guess it does provides some mass as well) for introducing heat into the airflow to produce thrust. You can introduce that heat using a super electric heater as you described. You could also send the airflow through a nuclear reactor to create that heat, and has actually been done.
  5. Mar 14,  · Fire test of supersonic combustion chamber. Air and kerosene was used as propellant.
  6. Analysis of supersonic combustion characteristics of ethylene/methane fuel mixture on high-speed measurements of CH* chemiluminescence Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Vol. 37, No. 3 Laser-Induced Plasma Ignition in a Cavity-Based Scramjet Combustor.
  7. Primate was established in January to showcase the techno talent being distributed by Prime Distribution, as well as to promote new emerging techno producers. Primate has two sister labels, Primary Recordings and Primevil. Together the three labels cover the entire house to techno spectrum. In addition, Primate has a sub label, Primate.
  8. Some basic concepts and features of supersonic combustion are explained from the view point of macroscopic aerodynamics. Two kinds of interpretations of supersonic combustion are proposed. The difference between supersonic combustion and subsonic combustion is discussed, and the mechanism of supersonic combustion propagation and the limitation of heat addition in supersonic .
  9. the supersonic combustion problem because it requires high-order numerical schemes to compute supersonic flows with complicated evolved shocks, as well as corrected models to describe the droplet.

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