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  1. INTRO: D F# G A G F#m Em D Bm G A D It's up to you, because I've done everything I can. D Bm G A D I hope that you would say that I'm your lovin' man. D Bm G Gm Make up, your mind and do wha.
  2. G C G C [Verse 1] G No matter which way the wind blows C It's always cold when you're alone G There ain't no candle in the window C You've got to find your own way home D Now the rain ain't.
  3. Karoline Kruger - You Call It Love 듣기/가사/해석. You call it love. There are things I need to say. About the way I feel when your arms. Are all around me. 당신은 그걸 사랑이라 부르죠. 당신이 날 감싸안을 때. 내가 어떤 감정을 느끼는지. 말해 주고 싶어요. You call it love. Words I'd heard that sound.
  4. I'm Leaving It Up To You Lyrics: I'm leavin' it all up to you oh oh / You decide what you're gonna do / Now do you want my love? / Or are we through? / That's why I'm leaving it up to you oh oh.
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  6. It's Up To You:Ricky Nelson. #6 in USA & #22 in UK in ' INTRO: G B C D D7 #1. G Em C D G It's up, to you, because I've done everything I can.G Em C D G Oh, I hope, that you, say that I'm your lovin' man.G Em C Cm Make up, your mind, and do what you're gonna do G D G C G D well, you know how I feel, so I'm leaving it up to you.. #2. G Em C D G It's all, so clear that I would give.
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