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  1. a song or ode in praise or honor of God, a deity, a nation, etc. a style of popular music for dancing, usually recorded and with complex electronic instrumentation, in which simple, repetitive lyrics are .
  2. ICTUS AUDIO. vancouver music production studio. ENGINEERING EMOTIONS. PROJECTS. We go to great length to bring you the most original, innovative and professional content. Never settling for convention, we are constantly experimenting with new collaborators and genres.
  3. ictus (Noun) A sudden attack, blow, stroke, or seizure, as in a sunstroke, the sting of an insect, pulsation of an artery, etc. Etymology: From the ictus, from icio.
  4. Ictus definition is - the recurring stress or beat in a rhythmic or metrical series of sounds.
  5. Un ictus le dejó paralizada la parte izquierda del cuerpo.A stroke left him paralyzed on the left side of his body.
  6. ICTUS trial was an international randomized multicentre placebo-controlled trial to confirm the results of pooled data in a large clinical trial available on the effect of Citicoline on the recovery of patients with moderate to severe acute ischaemic stroke at 3 months.
  7. Ictus (also arsis or strong syllable [in syllabic-accentual versification]), a strong place in a verse, which carries the rhythmical stress; the alternation of these strong syllables with weak syllables (theses) forms the rhythm of the verse. In Russian verse in ternary meters (dactyl, amphibrach, and anapest), the ictus occurs on every third syllable.
  8. Ictus isquémico (o infarto cerebral) originado por la obstrucción del flujo sanguíneo. Ictus hemorrágico (o hemorragia cerebral) en el que la rotura de un vaso provoca la salida de sangre y la compresión de estructuras del sistema nervioso central. Pacientes con síntomas similares pueden desarrollar el ictus por distintos mecanismos.

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